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Press release, 20.06.2023.

Hungary, 2022, the latest volume in HCSO’s annual summary series is published

Magyarország, 2022The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) has been publishing its series of publications on the most important economic and social processes in our country for 29 years. The volume entitled Hungary, 2022 provides an overview of the domestic macroeconomic environment, the performance of the Hungarian economy by sector, the most important characteristics of our society, including labour market conditions, demographics and the living conditions of the population, as well as the most important indicators of digitalisation, environment and energy management. This volume primarily focuses on data for the year 2022, but it also describes recent changes in phenomena and helps to place domestic trends in the context of international trends with an EU and global perspective.

Magyarország, 2022 is the title of the summary publication published by HCSO on the social and economic situation of our country. As part of a long-running series that has been published for 29 years, this volume demonstrates the most important processes that shaped Hungary in 2022 from several perspectives such as macroeconomics, labour market, sectoral overview, digitalisation, demography, living conditions, environment and energy management.

This publication presents Hungary’s most important economic and social features and the trends emerging from recent changes in seven chapters, on nearly 300 pages, and illustrated with more than 190 illustrations and graphs. It shows, for example, that despite the unfavourable global environment and the uncertainties caused by the war in our neighbourhood, the performance of the domestic economy grew by 4.6% in 2022, above the EU average, while employment expanded and unemployment fell. At the same time, we also saw accelerating price increases after a low inflationary environment in the past.

Magyarország, 2022 is available for free download from HCSO’s publication repertory in a digital format or it can be ordered from here as a printed book.

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