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Press release, 20.10.2023.

Statistics in the service of development

Conference at the HCSO

On the occasion of the European Statistics Day the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) and the Hungarian Statistical Association (HAS) organised a scientific conference entitled “Statistics in the service of development in a rapidly changing world”.

The present and future of statistics, challenges the profession is facing, and fast, exact and reliable presence in the new data-environment were the topics of the conference, organized on the occasion of the European Statistics Day, hosted at the headquarters of the HCSO on 20 October 2023. Dr. Áron Kincses, president of the HCSO opened the conference, then Mariana Kotzeva, director-general of Eurostat, Marek Rojíček, president of the Czech Statistical Office, Peter Peťko, president of the Slovak Statistical Office addressed the conference.

Dr. Csaba Szomolai, vice-president of the State Audit Office of Hungary, János Gerendás, director of the Statistical Directorate of the National Bank of Hungary, Gergely Fábián, state secretary for industrial policy and technology, Prof. Márta Péntek, Prof. László Gulácsi, both PhDs of the Hungarian Academy of Science, as well as HCSO and HAS representatives gave lectures.

The statistical community celebrates each year, since 2016, the European Statistics Day on 20 October, on the initiation of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC) in order to draw attention to the values represented by official statistics.


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