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Press release, 22.01.2019.

Statistics on earnings is renewing – more detailed information


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) is renewing its data collection on earnings statistics. The utilisation of data coming from administrative sources offer many advantages for both respondents and data users: the burden of data supply decreases considerably, processed data make the publication of more detailed information referring to the national economy as a whole possible.


It is a high priority for HCSO – considering demands – to offer detailed information regarding data on earnings for users. In this respect the HCSO – following a thorough methodological preparation – is renewing its data collection on earnings statistics in 2019: monthly staff numbers and information on earnings are produced based on the National Tax and Customs Administration’s declaration on contributions; in regard to budgetary units data received from the Hungarian State Treasury are produced and published, in parallel with the annulment of the previous monthly data collection on labour. The reception of administrative data is made possible by Act CLV of 2016 on Official Statistics.


The development comes with a considerable decrease of data supplier burden on one hand and the utilised data sources offer an extraordinary information increase on earnings on the other; both aspects make a higher-level fulfilment of relevant and expansive user demands possible.


The declaration on contributions contains significantly more detailed – on personal / workplace level – data regarding every filled position and earnings. Calculation of such basic information are made possible in this way which were not previously accessible in the HCSO data collection. Value of median earnings, net earnings based on tax and contributions allowances belong here. The database increases with the availability of background information – unavailable in the previous data collections – like employees’ sex, age and occupational characteristics. These information will be made available on a monthly, the more detailed breakdowns on a quarterly basis, starting March. New datasets will be published retroactive up to January 2017 by the Office, simultaneously with the publication of the Earnings first release regarding January 2019.


HCSO, based on the Act, is utilising the data files for statistical purposes only, and guarantees data protection. The publications will not contain data which may enable the uncovering of statistical units.


In line with the administrative data processing first releases (Earnings) will be postponed by 7-10 days; certain information (e.g. distinction between regular / non-regular earnings) will be estimated on a monthly basis, with a high aggregation level. Information not present in the declarations – such as total employment income, hours worked, detailed regular earnings data – will be available based on labour statistics data collections for enterprises with 5 or more employees, budgetary units and not-for-profit organisations relevant from employment point of view, on a quarterly basis.


Further details to follow in February 2019.




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