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Press release, 22.10.2010.

We published the Statistical Yearbook of Hungary, 2009!

The Statistical Yearbook of Hungary is the most significant publication of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, which is expected every year with the greatest interest.
In the nearly 600 tables of the comprehensive data collection detailed and interesting data can be found about almost all fields of economy and society.
Sample pages
The CD-annex provides users with tables in a format which is easy to handle and can be further edited and with coloured charts. On the occasion of World Statistics Day, it also contains the publication titled "Statistics of Centuries", providing insight into the statistical curiosities of the last decades and centuries.
Did you know that

- life expectancy at birth had increased by 2.7 years to 74.03 years from 2000 to 2009?

- in the new millennium, the number of infant deaths had decreased from 9.2 per mille to 5.1 per mille, however, it was still higher than the EU average?

- due to the economic crisis, the unemployment rate had risen to 10%, and the growth was more significant among men?

- the number of hospital day cases had grown 1.5-fold in the last two years?

You can find further interesting and useful data in our publication titled"Statistical Yearbook of Hungary, 2009".