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Press release, 26.11.2014.

The publication ’Living standards of households’ has been published


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office released today its publication titled ‘Living standards of households’, which presents the income and consumption of households, the indicators of poverty and social exclusion as well as relations between the satisfaction with life and financial situation and the major demographic features and income situation in four chapters.


The publication was prepared by merging three publications released earlier separately and by extending their content. The aim of integrating the interrelated topics in one publication was to provide users with a comprehensive picture about the major characteristics of the living standards of the population and households.


The Hungarian Central Statistical Office prepares the official indicators relating to poverty (Laeken indicators) in the framework of the EU-SILC (European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) programme on the basis of the Household Budget and Living Conditions Survey, which is conducted with a standard methodology covering all EU member states. The data for 2012 recorded in 2013 were sent on 31 January 2014 to Eurostat. At the same time as Eurostat, HCSO published the major indicators deriving from data recorded in 2013 and published also by Eurostat on 15 March on its website.


Due to the two-year-long modernization process of data collection and data processing, the publication released now includes also data recorded in the spring of 2014, i.e. most recent data can be published in the same year as they are collected, so the domestic general public can get information on both the general characteristics of the living standards and the indicators of poverty earlier than ever, i.e. ten months earlier than usually.

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