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Press release, 28.03.2024.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the Public Procurement Authority are putting their cooperation in the field of data sharing on a new footing

Under the cooperation agreement, the two organisations will support each other through knowledge sharing and professional training

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office and the Public Procurement Authority will further deepen their cooperation with the aim of establishing a common basis for the professional and technical background of data transfers within the framework of their legal mandate, the parties announced at the signing ceremony of the agreement. By establishing uniform and transparent methodological practices and defining the legal framework for data sharing, the two organisations will be able to provide more valuable statistical information to society, economic and public operators and academics.

In 2020, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) accredited the statistical activities of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA), making the PPA the first in Hungary to voluntarily join the Official Statistical Service. Accordingly, the operation and data reporting practices of the PPA comply with the National Statistics Code of Practice and the European Statistics Regulation. As a body with public service responsibilities, the PPA thus promotes objective information and analysis of the public procurement market by regularly publishing high quality, credible and multi-yearly reports.

In order to further improve data provision, the HCSO and the PPA concluded a cooperation agreement on the legal and technical background of data and information exchange within the framework of their legal mandate.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr. Áron Kincses, President of HCSO, said that forward-looking partnerships are the basis for HCSO to continue to be Hungary's leading data asset manager and the information engine of the Carpathian Basin. He added that one of the strategic priorities of the HCSO is to continuously increase alternative and administrative data sources in its systems, thus making data available that could not be collected before or could only be collected through classical questionnaire surveys. The full or partial replacement of questionnaire data collection methods will reduce the burden on data providers in Hungary. In addition, the use of innovative technologies - machine learning - will speed up data delivery, reduce time to market and ultimately increase the efficiency of decision support and user satisfaction.

The cooperation will also include a joint review of best practices and methodologies for data validation to improve the quality and adequacy of information provided from administrative data sources.

In connection with the cooperation, special mention should be made of the statistical data transfer entitled "Monthly data on public procurement procedures with a net final value of HUF 700 million or more" and "Monthly data on small and medium-sized enterprises that have won public procurement procedures" ordered in the National Statistical Data Collection Programme, which contributes to the quality of the statistical data on construction materials of the HCSO.

In addition to establishing a transparent framework for the exchange of data and information between the PPA and the HCSO, it is a very important step that in the future the two organisations will consult regularly on professional and scientific issues by coordinating knowledge sharing events, conferences and training courses. This will undoubtedly contribute to providing even more detailed and valuable information and analysis, said Dr László Kovács, President of the Authority.


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