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Press release, 28.05.2018.

GDPR and management of statistical data


The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) is also applicable where personal data are processed for statistical purposes. The data protection regulation and practice of HCSO not only guarantee the protection of the rights of individual persons (data protection), but also that of confidential data and rights of all data providers.


In official statistics, the protection of confidential data was first regulated by Act XXXV of 1897. In terms of data protection, CLV Act of 2016 on Official Statistics currently in force is not only in line with international practice and the provisions of GDPR, but includes even more stringent rules than those. According to this, data processing for official statistical purposes has been providing sufficient guarantees for 120 years to protect the rights and freedoms of the data subjects concerned. Confidential data are protected at all times, regardless of whether the data provider is an individual person or a business organization. HCSO carries out its activities, collects and stores data while respecting the rights of data providers (including individual persons). It should be noted that HCSO uses individual data (personal data, business information) only for the production of official statistics and does not transmit them or make them available to third parties. After processing, HCSO stores the recorded personal data without unique identifiers, the disclosure of such data may take place only in aggregated form, therefore guaranteeing that individual persons and business organizations are unidentifiable.


In order to fully inform data subjects, respondents, HCSO publishes its General Information on Data Processing on its website to ensure the transparency of its data management.


General Information on Data Processing of HCSO


If you want to know more, please visit our 'Information on data protection' page.



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