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Press release, 29.04.2016.

Preliminary 30-day GDP flash estimate for Europe


Eurostat will publish its quarterly preliminary GDP flash estimate for the euro area (EA) and the European Union (EU) close to the 30th day following the end of each quarter (t+30) from 29 April 2016. This means that the publication of the preliminary GDP flash estimate for Europe and the United States of America will be on the same day, making the situation easier for users who wish to access global macro-economic statistics simultaneously.


Punctual and reliable data publication is of key importance for HCSO, so that its users make their decisions based on reliable data, therefore, similarly to the majority of European countries, it does not publish the result of the preliminary GDP flash estimate t+30 days for the time being. HCSO started the development of the model of a preliminary flash estimate at the beginning of 2014, but at the present stage of the process the size of the expected revisions between t+30- and t+45-day estimates will exceed the size of the revisions (between data published t+45 and t+70 days) users have grown accustomed to.


Further information is available by clicking on the link below: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Preliminary_GDP_flash_estimate_in_30_days_for_Europe/hu



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