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Press release, 29.08.2018.

Release of the Hungarian Generic Statistical Business Process Model (HGSBPM)



The Hungarian Generic Statistical Business Process Model (HGSBPM) process matrix describing the process of producing official statistics by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office is now available among the guidelines, policies and strategy documents.


We recommend the Hungarian Generic Statistical Business Process Model (HGSBPM) to our users to overview the process of production of official statistics within the HCSO, the scope and content of the process phases and sub-processes. The HGSBPM is available among our guidelines, policies and strategy documents.


Purpose of the HGSBPM


The main goal of the Hungarian Generic Statistical Business Process Model (HGSBPM) is to make the Hungarian Central Statistical Office’s (HCSO) work, its processes more transparent by describing, presenting and interpreting the HCSO data production processes in a harmonised way. The HGSBPM is the model for statistical business processes, by which we, at the HCSO mean the statistical data production process as well as processes related to maintenance of statistical registers and survey frame production. The HGSBPM is also suited for describing other statistical processes like maintenance of classifications, producing questionnaires, data files, publications, etc.


Scope and international references of the HGSBPM


The HGSBPM is based on the international Generic Statistical Business Process Model-re (GSBPM v.5.0) which is a process matrix referring to the whole statistical data production designed within the UNECE framework. Data production processes do not include functional activities like running the office, economic, legal, HR or management areas or processes. They do include, however, general tasks like quality management, statistical data management (including data protection) and metadata management, which represent the so-called comprehensive areas of data production and extend to the whole of the data production process.


Due to its direct connections with the GSBPM, the HGSBPM also contributes to better comparability between the Hungarian practices and practices in other countries. This makes the HGSBPM a tool for common language in international context.


Structure of the HGSBPM


The HGSBPM model incorporates process phases of the statistical data production, sub-processes of breakdown of the process phases, as well as comprehensive areas (quality management, statistical data management and metadata management).



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