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Press release, 29.11.2023.

HCSO's Real Estate Data Warehouse renewed and expanded

The new query interface enables spatial and temporal comparisons of data between 2015 and 2022

The publication of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) entitled Real Estate Data Warehouse, which presents the square metre price of second-hand dwellings in the most detailed territorial breakdown possible, has been renewed and expanded, and a query interface allowing for regional and temporal comparisons has been added: in addition to the average prices per settlement (in the capital city, per district), it also provides the average prices per street and their relative standard deviation in cities. The query interface was presented by HCSO at a press conference.

The Real Estate Data Warehouse has been part of the HCSO product portfolio since 1997, first as a printed volume, later on CD and more recently as an online publication. "With the recent modification of the Real Estate Data Warehouse, the HCSO has organised the real estate statistics of the years since 2015 into a single database and made them available and searchable free of charge on the query interface, thus providing the possibility of comparing data over time, graphing and mapping. As a result of the innovation, it is now possible to query and display, for example, the change in home prices in a given street in a given city between 2015 and 2022" - said Gáborné Székely, Head of the Housing Statistics Section of HCSO, explaining the main advantages of the renewed publication.

The new Real Estate Data Warehouse is an information tool for both the general public and professionals interested in the housing market. By ensuring the transparency of real estate market processes and the availability of data, the HCSO aims to increase the information possibilities of housing market participants, thus reducing the risk of their decisions.

The source of the data is the stamp duty database of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NAV), from which the HCSO receives quarterly administrative information on the stamp duty procedures completed in the given period. The data received include, in addition to the address, the date of sale, the purchase price, the type of dwelling and, in most cases, the size of its floor area. As the query application presents prices per square metre, the data published are limited to cases where the size of the dwelling is known.

HCSO is confident that its users will be very satisfied with the new Real Estate Data Warehouse and that the publication will be a powerful tool for real estate market participants, researchers and students.

The new Real Estate Data Warehouse is available at the link below:

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