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Summary tables (STADAT) - Time series of annual, regional statistics - Economic branches

We would like to inform our kind users that the territorial code system was modified on 1 January 2018 (Decree No. 39/2017. (XII. 27.) of the Minister of Prime Minister’s Office, amending Decree No. 31/2011 (X. 24.) of the Minister of Public Administration and Justice on the territorial registration identification code system entered into force). The modification was justified by international and national legislative changes, in accordance with which several territorial classifications have been modified. In view of user needs, new nomenclatures have also been incorporated into the territorial code system. Based on the changes, Budapest and Pest county are also planning and statistical regions, while Central Hungary became exclusively a statistical large region. The latest documentation is available at: http://www.ksh.hu/tszJ_eng_menu. In our publications, annual data for 2017 and infra-annual data for 2018 broken down by territorial units are published according to the new territorial code system.

  • Tables related to the first release „Arable crops”.
  • Tables related to the first release „Ear cereals”.