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Tasks of the Household Surveys Data Collection Department

Household Surveys Data Collection Department


1. Areas of expertise of the Household Surveys Data Collection Department are: data collections on:
1.1.  lifestyles, living conditions, social stratification, time use,
1.2.  labour force and economic activities of the population,
1.3.  household budgets,
1.4.  the travel habits of the population,
1.5.  household ICT device penetration,
1.6.  TURA border statistics,
1.7.  consumer and market price and other interview-type surveys,
1.8.  censuses and microcensuses, other multi-yearly population surveys and ad hoc population surveys.
2. Tasks of the Household Surveys Data Collection Department according to the statistical data production process are:
2.1.  in preparing data collection and education:
  2.1.1. providing the enumerators involved in the conduct of each survey with the necessary technical knowledge to carry out the survey;
  2.1.2. ensuring that the respondents are properly informed and answering their questions;
  2.1.3. giving opinions on the questionnaires and other auxiliary materials used in the data collection;
  2.1.4. assisting in the testing of the mobile device enumeration system for population surveys;
2.2.  in collecting data, urging responses, receiving, recording and coding data:
  2.2.1. receiving completed questionnaires, follow-up, checking enumerators’ tasks, measuring quality, ensuring monitoring;
  2.2.2. uploading data from completed questionnaires into database, closing the phase of data collection;
  2.2.3. coding of collected data according to nomenclatures, classifications;
2.3.  in micro-validation, editing:
  2.3.1. checking the collected elementary data against predefined validation criteria, correcting detected errors, finalising data preparation;
  2.3.2. providing feedback on the professional work of the enumerators to the organisation or person responsible for the public enumeration tasks, liaising with the organisation or person responsible for the public enumeration tasks;
2.4.  contributing to the planning and development of data collections;
2.5.  performing in-process control tasks for interview-type data collections;
2.6.  ensuring professional cooperation between the HCSO and Statek Ltd. in connection with data collections carried out in the framework of public tasks, coordinating the preparatory tasks of data collections, setting professional expectations within the HCSO, monitoring the fulfilment of expectations, maintaining contacts with Statek Ltd.