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Tasks of the National Accounts Department

National Accounts Department


1. Areas of expertise of the National Accounts Department:
1.1. calculations of annual and quarterly national accounts data at current and comparative prices,
1.2. input-output (IO) tables,
1.3. sector accounts,
1.4. gross national income (GNI),
1.5. European Union Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) reports,
1.6. consumer price statistics,
1.7. purchasing power parity.
2. Tasks of the National Accounts Department according to the statistical data production process:
2.1. the compilation of the production and consumption and income side of quarterly and annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) calculations;
2.2. the compilation of the annual sector accounts;
2.3. the compilation of supply and use tables and IO tables;
2.4. the compilation of regional accounts;
2.5. the preparation of the annual GNI calculation and report;
2.6. the compilation of the part of the bi-annual EDP report that falls under the remit of the HCSO, running the EDP working group;
2.7. the compilation of the capital account and the balance sheet of assets and liabilities (non-financial assets);
2.8. the compilation of labour use calculations according to the methodology of the national accounts;
2.9.  the compilation of quarterly general government and external accounts and quarterly accounts for the national economy;
2.10.  compiling data on taxes and subsidies;
2.11.  compiling the part of the weighted average VAT rate for which the HCSO is responsible;
2.12.  contributing to the compilation of statistics on foreign direct investment and foreign affiliates;
2.13.  planning, technical preparation, implementation of central data collection in case of certain datasets, processing, quality control, correction, validation and database compilation of consumer price statistics data collections;
2.14.  in the field of purchasing power parity calculations, carrying out tasks related to the European Comparison Programme and to the world-wide calculations, organising, partially implementing, recording and checking data collections;
2.15.  preparing data compilations, publications, first releases and disseminating information on the statistical domains covered by the department;
2.16.  documenting and developing the methodology of the specialised areas within the remit of the Department;
2.17.  the coordination of macro-statistics, including coordination on Macroeconomic Imbalances;
2.18.  contributing to the development of HCSO publications relating to multiple statistical areas;
2.19.  national and international dissemination and data transmission as well as ensuring access to data.