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Agricultural census - FSS 2003

Data and publications of Farm Structure Survey of 2003 (FSS 2003)

Agriculture in Hungary, 2003 (Farm structure survey) (Preliminary data) (pdf, 521 KB)
Agriculture in Hungary, 2003 (Farm structure survey) Volume I (pdf, 2 813 KB)
Agriculture in Hungary, 2003 (Farm structure survey) Volume II (pdf, 4 124 KB)
Agriculture in Hungary Farm typology, 2000, 2003 (pdf, 950 KB)
Agriculture of Hungary, 2003 (Publication Repertory)
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Statistical terms used in publications

Basic condition for using data is to know the statistical terms. We would like to ensure this with the help of the definitions of these terms.

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Questionnaires of FSS 2003

Structure of the agricultural activity 2003, OSAP 1833 (pdf, 38 KB)
Livestock 2003, OSAP 1087 (pdf, 28 KB)
Farm Structure Survey 2003, OSAP 1971 (pdf, 72 KB)

History of the censuses in Hungary

Censuses have traditions in Hungary. The first harvest survey was conducted in 1868, the first crop production survey in 1871, the first livestock survey in 1884, the first orchard census in 1956-59 and the first vineyard census in 1961-63.

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International practice

The system of community farm structure survey is based on the agricultural censuses in every 10 years (general censuses, which are in connection with FAO world censuses) and on farm structure surveys conducted in every 2-3 years.

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Legal background

Agricultural statistics is the most developed and most regulated filed of the statistical system of the EU. It is stipulated by legislation of more, than 1100 sides.

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