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Press release, 26.01.2017.

The journal ‘Területi Statisztika’ has been included in SCOPUS, the largest scientific database of the world.”


We are pleased to inform our users and partners, that out of the two journals in the field of regional analysis published by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, following the Regional Statistics (www.ksh.hu/terstat_eng) available in English, now the Területi Statisztika (www.ksh.hu/terstat), comprising Hungarian articles has also been included in SCOPUS, the largest scientific database of the world.
The assessors provided the following reasoning: ‘The journal has a clear focus on publishing theoretical and methodological as well as analytical papers in the field of regional analysis. The editorial policy is convincing: the journal aims at becoming one of the main sources of regional analyses, and especially disseminating authentic data on Hungary and its regional trends to the international general public. The journal offers access to online content and the quality of the papers is acceptable in general. Hope the inclusion in SCOPUS will help the journal improve its citations. I encourage the journal to take steps to improve its impact internationally and help authors improve their English writing skills.’


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