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Data Request - Data Claim Fulfilment

Anyone may submit a request to the HCSO for access to statistical data. The requests are managed differently depending on whether the requested statistical data have already been published on the internet or in a publication they are not publicly available and can be accessed only from the internal databases of the HCSO.

  • Fulfillment of requests for publicly available statistical data
    If you are looking for specific data on the HCSO website but cannot find it, please contact the HCSO staff.
  • Fulfillment of requests for publicly not available statistical data
    In order to fulfil requests for publicly not available statistical data, the HCSO operates six data access channels, some of which are for general purposes, i.e. accessible to anyone who request data, while others are only available for data requests for scientific purpose.

Details about submission of requests for access to data, general information about fulfilment of received data requests and their fees are available in the Accessing our services menu.

Detailed descriptions about the individual rules of each data access channel can be found in the related menu items.

Data access channel for general purposes:

Data access channels for scientific purposes:





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