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  • Where can I find publications?
    In the top menu bar of the home page, under the second menu item, Data, Publications by clicking on the links under the Publications block:
    • First Releases
    • The Publication Repertory contains all publications of the HCSO. Publications available for purchase can be ordered by adding them to the shopping basket, and electronic publications can be downloaded free of charge
    • E-shelf: registered users can use this interface to access their own e-shelf, where they can upload their purchased electronic publications and online annexes to volumes. They can view and download the files (e.g. PDF, Excel spreadsheets) stored here to their own computers at any time.
    • The Gazetteer of Hungary contained the most important data of counties, cities with county rights, towns, districts of the capital, large villages and villages. From 2020 onwards, this information will be available in the online application Gazetteer which will be updated annually, and the main data will be available in our summary table collection (STADAT).

  • If you can't find the information you are looking for, please contact us via the „'Contact us” system or by phone on 06-1-345-67-89, Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 2pm.

  • In the publication and revision calendar, the HCSO provides information on the dates of publication and updating of the publications planned for the given year, including the first releases, the summary tables (STADAT) and the data to be published in the Dissemination database, and on the most important information to be provided in relation to them.

  • What free publications are available on the website?
    Most publications available on our website are free of charge:

  • Where can I buy the publications?
    You can buy our printed and e-publications:
    • in the Publication Repertory accessible from the top menu bar of the home page through the Data, Publications link by clicking on the Publication Repertory link under the Publications block,
    • by clicking on the Publication Repertory icon in the middle of the home page,
    • in person at the Central Information Service Office of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, at the address below:
      1024 Budapest II., Fényes Elek u. 14-18.
      Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 2pm.
    • Publication orders in writing:
      kiadvanyrendeles@ksh.hu and via the „Contact us” page.