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  • Where can I find data and tables on the KSH website?
    • In the top menu bar of the home page, the first menu item, Themes, allows you to choose from a list of themes, which can be clicked on to access a single page with links to data, publications and other information related to the selected theme.
    • In the top menu bar of the home page, you can also access the data from the second menu item, Data, Publications, by clicking on the links below the Data block:

  • If you can't find the information you're looking for, „Contact us!” in writing, either without registering or by submitting an e-Paper with a Client gate login.
    By phone: please call 06-1-345-67-89 from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

  • How do we meet your individual data request?
    If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, you can „Contact us!” by writing to us, either without registering or by submitting an e-Paper with a Client gate login.

  • How can I access more detailed, anonymised microdata?
    In the top menu bar of the home page, under the third menu item, Services, under the Data Request side menu, click on Data access channels for scientific purposes for detailed description of:
  • Where can I find the latest data?
    The first releases, which include a short analysis, provide the latest monthly and quarterly data, mainly on business indicators. More than 180 first releases are published annually on around 20 topics at pre-defined dates, which can be followed in the release calendar. These are updated along with the related tables containing more detailed data, which can be accessed by clicking on the STADAT tables in the top icon bar on the sub-page of the first releases.

  • What was the inflation rate (consumer price index)?
    This is one of the most sought-after statistics, measured by the Consumer Price Index, updated monthly. A detailed breakdown of this indicator, as well as consumer price indices (inflation) for previous periods, can be found by clicking on the menu items of Summary Tables (STADAT) and Dissemination Database.

    The latest information is also available in the first release and by clicking on Prices under Topics.
    If you are interested in further information on this topic, please enter the words „inflation” or „consumer price index” in the search box in the header of the website.

  • Where can I find the territorial/municipal data?
    • In the Territorial statistics block of the Dissemination database, and in the datasets of the themes concerned, if the data are retrieved by selecting the territorial dimension. Municipal data are also available here.
    • In the Summary Tables (STADAT) by topic under the heading Tables by area. Here you can find data at county and regional level.
    • The Regional Atlas also provides maps of the administrative division of the country, as well as key indicators at the sub-municipal level, superimposed on a geographical grid. https://www.ksh.hu/regionalatlas_administrative_units
    • In the Gazetteer, which is the official name and data repository of the towns and villages of Hungary. In addition to the basic data of the localities (e.g. name, settlement identification number, administrative classification), the main statistical indicators of the localities are also available, e.g. information on population, nationality, religion, housing, and changes in territorial organisation.
    • Publications available in the Publication Repertory on Spatial Statistics.
    • o Interactive map display of data: TIMEA

  • Where can I find the long time series data?

  • Where can I find the international data?

  • If you are looking for data and information on the European Union and its Member States, please „Contact us! ” in writing, either without registration or by submitting an e-file with a client gate identification.