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How do we take into consideration the opinion of our users?

It is a strategic goal of HCSO to develop of the tools designed for observing users’ expectations and satisfaction and build the gained information into the planning and decision-making processes. Therefore every feedback and opinion is equally important for us. Changes, developments made based on previous feedbacks and opinions are enlisted below:

You requested – we implemented

  • Based on the user test of the renewed HCSO website, (2018): participants suggested a simpler, clear-cut website and a better search option. We renewed the website according to the demands, where data and publications can also be searched by topic. After the change of the search engine it became much easier to look up topics, contents, and results are more relevant.

  • Based on the results of the Data visualisation through user approach, 2018 survey, our participants suggested simple, creative, relevant, credible and identifiable data visualisations, we lay stress on these demands during the design and creation of data visualisation contents.

  • One of our users wrote an observation in the online opinion box requesting the Adoptions, adoptable children and adopters STADAT table to have three more indices. In accordance with this, the table has been extended with the requested three columns.

  • In Earnings statistics average gross earnings are considered to be the main indices. However, based on users’ feedback as well as in order to better describe labour market processes HCSO publishes median earnings, too. Furthermore, since 2019 – by using administrative data sources – we also have had data for enterprises with fewer than 5 employees, meaning that we publish data on earnings regarding the whole group of employers.

  • Based on users’ feedback and web analytics data, our users had difficulties in finding data related to road traffic accidents our website. We re-examined the topics and road traffic accidents have been moved from the Transport, traffic topic into the Health care, accidents one.

  • Following the introduction of official prices on certain products we started to publish on our website the prices of the products which are not observed within the consumer price survey.

  • The extent of the raise of pensions is determined by the pensioner consumer price index published by the HCSO. According to user feedback we have published this data, too, in the first release regarding consumer price indices since September 2020.

  • Due to the Covid19 pandemic, request for mortality data increased, as a consequence we started to publish the weekly mortality data.

  • In order to meet our users’ needs also regarding services – due to the unfavourable economic circumstances caused by the Covid19 pandemic – we made classification-related information services free of charge.