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User opinion surveys

The HCSO is committed to actively and consciously recognizing users’ needs and the changes in these as well as to reacting to these rapidly. This objective is presented in the HCSO strategy up to 2030 (Strategy 2030), based on the 3rd principle of the National Statistics Code of Practice.

Results of previous user opinion surveys:

Users’ views on computer-based data access, 2021
The aim of the survey was to learn about the habits, needs and expectations of a special group: those preferring computer-based data access. Our results revealed that the option of programmed data access could be a significant competitive advantage and save resources for data market operators, carrying explicit benefits for the users. Users also expressed their needs for good-quality computer-based data query.

Satisfaction with the new HCSO website, 2020
The December 2019 renewal of the HCSO website was a result of a multi-year work, incorporating the results of users’ opinion surveys on certain aspects and the inclusion of those in the design and implementation process. Besides testing website developments and surveying their reception, in this research further development directions were also outlined and new expectations were discovered. The research revealed that the new website met user expectations, the introduction of interactive graphs and indices were warmly welcomed as well as the subject matter sites and the search engine renewal.

Data use expectations, 2019
Our users would like to see more detailed data breakdowns (especially regional breakdowns) and they emphasized the importance of timeliness of data. The majority of respondents urged the establishment of a unified database where all data are accessible at the same time. They also highlighted the importance of metadata being concise and easily accessible.

Data visualisation through user approach, 2018
Our users find our data visualisation contents an important and progressive development. It is important that these contents be adapted to the target groups, messages be clearly defined and the content itself be simple, creative, credible.

User test of the renewed website of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2018
We reshaped our website by considering our users’ opinions gained from a card-sorting research methodology. We observed that users want to reach certain topics by using different paths. Making technical terms easier-to-interpret was also an emphasized demand.

User research for developing the website of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 2016
The research conducted among our users revealed that making the HCSO website’s structure simpler, reshaping the opening page, developing the search engine as well as rethinking the STADAT menu are significant expectations.

Our users’ opinion about us and our activity – results of the 2014 survey
One of the most important findings of the research was that data quality is basically good and it also stands its ground in international comparison. However, the reputation of the Office could be further improved by better meeting our special user groups’ needs. Satisfaction with our work and products, data, analyses correlates with the frequency of product use and the users’ familiarity with the data production process.