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How many people use and how do they use HCSO data?

Our developments are defined by our users’ demands, the information requested by them. This is the ultimate reason why we constantly measure and analyse them.

We seek to reach our users through the channel most appropriate for them. We also use analytical tools automatically producing users’ information (such as webanalytical data etc.)

Methodological information

We use an app of our own design for enlisting the download data of the contents and downloadable publications on the HCSO website. The tracking of downloads is made by providing regular URLs and we only process the searches coming from outside the HCSO system. We use Google Analytics for measuring the HCSO external web traffic. The most popular press topics are defined by the frequency of the used keywords. Press monitoring is performed by an external company. The graph titled "Most common search terms used on the www.ksh.hu website" is based on Hungarian terms typed in the search engine of the website.