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Organisational units under the control of the Deputy President supervising the Statistics Directorate

Áron Kincses Dr.


Sectoral Statistics Department

Gábor Valkó




Industry and Construction Statistics Section
Ruff Ferenc Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6874   E-mail
Industrial and Services Prices Section
Zsófia Mikó Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6649   E-mail
Agriculture Statistics Section
Péter Tóth Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6705   E-mail
Agriculture Accounts Section
Szabolcs Szilágyi Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6584   E-mail
Tourism and Transport Statistics Section
Gábor Szilágyi Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6913   E-mail

Business Statistics Department

Gilyán Csaba




Internal Trade, Information and Research and Development Statistics Section
Ábel Czékus Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6626   E-mail
Structural Business Statistics Section
Miklós Péter Schindele Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6721   E-mail
Large Cases Unit Section
Zsolt Kővári Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6405   E-mail
Register section
András Pinkasz Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6909   E-mail

Quality of Life Statistics Department

Katalin Janák




Health Statistics Section
Károlyné Tokaji Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6890   E-mail
Living Standard Statistics Section
Krisztina Kollár Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6732   E-mail
Employment Statistics Section
Earnings Statistics Section
Roland Kadlecsik Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6414   E-mail
Education, Culture and Time Use Statistics Section
Tünde Erzsébet Hagymásy Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6711   E-mail
Social Statistics Section
Anita Balka-Szücs Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6972   E-mail

External Trade Statistics Department

Zsolt Kovalszky




External Trade Macro Accounting Section
György Budaházy Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6506   E-mail
External Trade in Goods Section

National Accounts Department

Zsuzsanna Boros Szőkéné




Input-Output Table (IOT) Section
Varga Éva Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6335   E-mail
Annual Accounts Section
Gábor Kovács Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6027   E-mail
Consumer Prices Section
Péter Quittner Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6157   E-mail
Government and Non-profit Sectors Accounts Section
István Bedekovics Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6031   E-mail
Quarterly and Sector Accounts Section
Tímea Cseh Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6258   E-mail

Population Census and Demographic Statistics Department

Marcell Kovács




Housing Statistics Section
Gáborné Székely Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6661   E-mail
Demographic Statistics Section
Gabriella Géczy Branyiczkiné Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6558   E-mail
Population Census Organising Section
Margit Gulyás Horoszné Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6074   E-mail
Population Census Topics Section
Matyas Lajtai Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1108   E-mail
Migration Statistics Section
Ferenc Urbán Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6271 E-mail

Multi-domain Statistics Department

Pál Bóday




Environmental and Information Statistics Section
Szilvia Graczka Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1210   E-mail
Spatial Statistics Section
Attila Schinkovits Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1123   E-mail
Statistical Data Processing Section
Hajnalka Bertók Head of Section (+36-1) 345-1173   E-mail