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Organisational units under the control of the President of HCSO

Gabriella Vukovich Dr.

Office of the President

Katalin Ágnes Galántai



Secretariat of the President
International Relations Section
Tamara Pál Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6018 (+36-1) 345-6018 E-mail
Project Tendering Programmes Section
Ibolya Kálmánczhey Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6537 (+36-1) 345-1226 E-mail

Internal Audit Section

Zsigmond Szabó



Financial Management Department

Gyöngyi Mária Németh



Payroll Accounting Section
Lajosné Tulipán Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6133   E-mail
Budget Chapter Section
Márta Mária Tóth Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6812   E-mail
Public Procurement Section
György Lászlóné Pollák Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6326 (+36-1) 345-8638 E-mail
Technical Management Section
József Dániel Padányi Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6061   E-mail
Finance Section
Csilla Dömsödi Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6407 (+36-1) 345-8615 E-mail
Accounting Section
Andrea Varga Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6635   E-mail

Human Resources Strategy and Training Department

Gábor Ákos Csutorás



Statistical Coordination and Legal Affairs Department

Eszter Nagy dr.



Administration Section
Erika Rózsár Mezősiné Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6368   E-mail
General Statistical Coordination Section
Andrea Zavagyák Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6940   E-mail
Legal Affairs Section
Dóra Láng Dr. Head of Section (+36-1) 345-6006 (+36-1) 345-6474 E-mail

STATEK Centre for Statistical Analysis Ltd.

Postal address: 1525 Budapest, Pf. 51.

András Jánosi Managing director (+36-1) 345-6542 E-mail

Hungarian Demographic Research Institute

Postal address: 1502 Budapest, Pf. 518.

Zsolt Spéder Dr.

Hungarian Central Statistical Office Library

1024 Budapest, Keleti Károly utca 5.

Kálmán Rita