Statisztikai Világnap 2015
Előadások és videók

Innováció és kooperáció – a hivatalos statisztika megújításáért
2015. október 20–21., Budapest

Az előadások és videók angol nyelven érhetők el.

Official statistics:
New opportunities for transformation – innovation and cooperation
Budapest, 20–21 October 2015

20 October (Tuesday)

Message of the President of the Republic of Hungary, Dr János Áder
Opening speech of the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr László Lovász Play
Professor Gabriella Vukovich
President of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office
Professor Enrico Giovannini
Chair of the UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development
Towards a comprehensive global policy agenda: what does it mean for statistics?
PPT Play
Professor Vijay N. Nair
Former President of ISI
Cooperation between Academia and official statistics: opportunities and challenges
PDF Play
Mr Walter Radermacher
Director General of Eurostat
Opportunities for transformation of official statistics from an ESS perspective
PPT Play
Mr Konrad Pesendorfer
Director General of Statistics Austria
Cooperation among Statistical Institutes and with other partners to enhance innovation and transformation in official statistics
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Mr Pádraig Dalton
Director General of the Central Statistics Office of Ireland
Modernisation: Evolution or revolution – opportunities for a paradigm shift in the cooperation of NSI’s
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Mr Marko Krištof PhD
Director General of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Benefits of sharing good practices with other NSI’s- from the perspective of a new EU member state
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Round-table discussion 1
Topic: Sustainability of statistics: from data sources to the image of official statistics

Facilitator: Mr György Sándor (Advisor to the President, Hungarian Central Statistical Office)

Further participants:
● Mr Dieter Sarreither (President, DESTATIS) ZIP Play
● Dr Barteld Braaksma (Innovation Manager, Statistics Netherlands) PPT Play
● Prof Gabriella Vukovich (President, HCSO) Play

21 October (Wednesday)

Mr Aurel Schubert
Director General of the Statistics Department of the European Central Bank
Central bank statistics – New opportunities and initiatives for innovation and cooperation
PPT Play
Round-table discussion 2
Topic: Microdata exchange in international trade, migration and banking statistics

Facilitator: Mr János Gerendás (Statistics Department, Central Bank of Hungary)

Further participants:
● Mr Ioannis Ganoulis (Head of the Statistics Development and Coordination Division, European Central Bank) PPT Play
● Mr Attila Melegh (Senior Research Fellow, Hungarian Demographic Research Institute) PPT Play
● Mr Jens Olin (Deputy Director at the Economic Statistics Department, Statistics Sweden) PPT Play
● Mr Walter Radermacher (Director General, Eurostat) PPT Play
Round-table discussion 3
Topic: HR and Organisational modernisation

Facilitator: Mr Martin Lagerström (Executive Coach in Human Resources of Statistics Sweden – excused)

Further participants:
● Dr Lucy Fallon-Byrne (Assistant Director General, Central Statistics Office of Ireland) PPT Play
● Mr Zoran Jančić (Assistant Director, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia) PPT Play
● Mr József Kárpáti (Head of Kecskemét Section, Hungarian Central Statistical Office) PPT Play
Round-table discussion 4
Topic: Training the new generations and rejuvenating the older generations of statisticians

Facilitator: Professor Maurizio Vichi (President of the Federation of European National Statistical Societies)

Further participants:
PPT Play
● Dr Péter Kovács (Head, Department of Statistics and Demography, University of Szeged) PPT Play
● Éva Sándor-Kriszt PhD (Rector, Budapest Business School) PPT Play
● Mr Antonio Ottaiano (Chief of Unit “Human resource development and training for Istat and Sistan staff”
   at Italian National Institute of Statistics)
Prezi Play
● Prof Tamás Rudas (Head, Department of Statistics, Eötvös Loránd University) PPT Play
Round-table discussion 5
Topic: Dissemination and communication

Facilitator: Mr Stephan Moens (Advisor General of Statistics Belgium)

Further participants:
PPT Play
● Mr Dávid Németh (Chief Economist of K&H Group) Play
● Dr Henriëtte de Jong-de Heer (Head of Press Office, Statistics Netherlands) PPT Play
● Ms Maria Jesús Vinuesa Angulo (Deputy Head, Dissemination Unit, National Statistics Institute of Spain) PPT Play
● Mr Aurel Schubert (Director General of the Statistics Department of the European Central Bank) PPT Play